What Modi likes in bureaucrats

August 23 2015

A few recent decisions taken by the Central government has caused big upheavals in the Indian bureaucracy. The fraternity was shocked after it came to light that Ashvini Lohani, an engineer in railways services, has been appointed Air India’s CMD. The thing is, ever since Modi has taken over the reins in Delhi, he has given clear instructions to the PMO that an officer’s promotion to a significant and responsible position should be based only on his track record and efficiency. Sources say the prime minister has a special way of doing this – he asks for an objective dossier from PMO’s Nripendra Misra and P K Mishra, and Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth. This dossier has the names of people nominated by the three for any important post, along with a brief about the person. Then the prime minister himself chooses the person he thinks will be best suited for the post. Aggressive lobbying was on for Air India’s CMD’s post, but the PM ignored all the lobbying, pressure and appeals, and chose Lohani only because he has single-handedly turned around a nearly-dead Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department. Now the PM wants Lohani to show the same results with Air India. It will be interesting to see if Lohani can work his magic yet again.

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