Journalist gets Rs 5 crore

June 20 2016

A prominent investigative journalist of a big investigative English daily is under the ED’s scanner for a transaction of Rs 5 crore. Sources say that Mr journalist had allegedly assured arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari that he will help him; in exchange, Bhandari also helped the journalist financially. After this, the journalist approached ED Chief Karnail Singh to defend Bhandari. Karnail Singh is known as an honest and strict officer. Without much ceremony, he let PMO’s Nripendra Mishra know about all that the journalist had to say. It is believed Nripendra Mishra told his to the PM himself and asked his opinion on the matter. PM answered, “Do what is right. Journalists are not demi-gods. We are not obligated to agree to everything they say.” The ED expanded its circle of investigation after this, and right after that, Bhandari’s association with Robert Vadra came to light with just one mail. And so now the story is about other political implications.

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