Varun’s questions get nation’s answers

June 19 2022

When BJP’s own MP Varun Gandhi took the initiative to fight for the rights of crores of unemployed youth of the country, few people would have envisioned that it could result in the fire of ‘Agneepath’. A month back, Varun raised the political heat by tweeting, “Posts lying vacant without reason, leaking papers, education mafia dominating the system, court and legal hassles and shattering hopes. The student is now paying the cost of administrative incompetence on his own. How to make the Selection Service Commission better, how the examinations should be transparent and timely, work will have to be done on it from today and now. Don’t be too late to work on it.” A week after this tweet, Varun posted yet another tweet and said, “When unemployment is at a three decade high, these figures are shocking. While crores of youth are frustrated and disappointed due to non-availability of recruitments, according to the government figures, 60 lakh sanctioned posts are vacant in the country. Where did the budget that was allocated for these posts went? It is the right of every youth to know this.” With this Varun had presented a description of 60 lakh posts lying vacant in the departments and institutions of the central and state governments. Varun also wrote a letter to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar regarding the rigging of BPSC. He also wrote a letter to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav regarding RRB and NTPC examinations. In the meantime, the union government announced providing 10 lakh jobs and the ‘Agneepath scheme’ also came out of its jam. In this regard, Varun wrote a letter to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and said, “There are many questions in the minds of the youth of the country regarding the Agneepath scheme. In order to get the youth out of the state of confusion, the government should make its stand clear by putting forward the policy facts related to the scheme very soon so that the country’s youth energy can be used positively in the right direction.” Appealing to the youth for peace, Varun has just released a recent video and appealed to them to remain calm, but Varun has surely highlighted aspects which can result in problems for the central government.

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