Congress praises of saffron Varun

June 26 2016

There might be frown lines on the high command’s high brow regarding the BJP saffron star Varun Gandhi, but this grandmother and father’s party, the Congress, is full of praise for him. A few days ago, an important meeting of the Uttar Pradesh Congress was in progress in Lucknow. The meeting lasted for three hours, out of which 40 minutes went by in just discussing Varun. It started with Congress MLA Bansi Pahariya, who had the courage to say it in a meeting that if Priyanka Gandhi was not going to step into active politics, they should contest the elections with Varun’s face in the background. He said it was only then that the party could give stiff resistance to parties such as the SP-BSP. MLC Naseeb Pathan supported Pahariya and said they could take advantage of Varun’s image as being one who is well educated. Former Minister Ram Surat Upadhyay took the discussion further and said they should let their feelings be known to the high command; if they could have Varun agree to come with them, they would be back in the fight in UP. It was former Central Minister RPN Singh who took a realistic view of it and said, “This is a Congress meeting, and we have been praising a BJP politician for the past 40 minutes.” Former State Congress President Arun Kumar Munna flared up and said, “We aren’t talking about the BJP; we are talking about our political leader’s son, who has not said anything against us in the past nine years.” He gave a piece of his mind to RPN Singh by saying, “I am surprised at what RPN has to say; who doesn’t know his father has made a place for himself in politics by taking care of Sanjay Gandhi’s slippers.” The present UP prabhari Ghulam Nabi Azad was seen with a smile on his lips at all this and said, “Your wishes will be carried to the party high command.”

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