Yogi and his Thakurs

April 24 2017

The usual rot in the political system does not take long to start, and Yogi Adityanath, who has shown so much spunk in the first few days of his CM ship in Uttar Pradesh, is no exception. The Thakur leader of firebrand ultra-Hinduism is packing the state with Thakurs in positions of power. He is not only going to grant reservation to Thakurs, but his caste-men are everywhere. He has launched on a very focused policy of appointments and transfers. The following list – tip of the proverbial iceberg though it may be – confirms this.
The principal secretary to the CM is Mrityunjay Kumar Singh, secretary is Amit Kumar Singh, and the state police boss is Sulkhan Singh. Need we say more? Though there is more.

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