Yedurappa cuts his minister to size

May 26 2020

Karnataka CM BS Yedurappa seems to be trying hard to come out of his old image. He is very proactively governing his state even in the corona times. Recently he took his law minister JC Madhuswami to task for his misbehaviour. Madhuswami was passing through Kolar when he saw a woman sitting on a dharna with a crowd around her. Madhuswami got out from his car scolded the woman in a high pitch for collecting crowd despite corona guideline of following social distancing. The video of the incident went viral on social media and came to the notice of CM Yedurappa. He called the woman and apologized for the indecent behaviour by his minister saying that what minister said was right as it was duty of everyone to follow social distancing but he was sorry for the way the minister behaved. He should have rather given the same message politely, CM Yedurappa is being praised on social media for his new avatar.

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