Yeddyurappa’s bait

May 14 2013

Yeddyurappa’s Karnataka Janta Party (KJP) may not have achieved any decent figures at the recent Assembly elections in Karnataka, but the party has everyone by winning 10 Assembly seats. Now the BJP is eyeing the KJP with hungry eyes. The party knows that without getting Yeddyurappa to their side, they will not be able to manage anything major in the state during the Lok Sabha elections. Thus, despite reservations from Advani, Sushma and Ananth Kumar, baits are being prepared to get Yeddyurappa. But Yeddyurappa does not seem to be too keen to join the BJP at present. But yes, he has indicated that there some kind of a political arrangement might be possible between the KJP and BJP. Yeddyurappa is eyeing 10 Lok Sabha seats. The deal may be struck at eight.

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