Wrong calculations

December 14 2013

If Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi had been a little more kind during the Chattisgarh Assembly elections, Dr Raman Singh may not have been able to make the hat-trick he did. In South Chattisgarh, that is Bastar, only three of the eighteen seats were with the Congress. After the first phase of elections, but Congress strategists started to feel that they had more than half of the seats in Bastar. So, Charandas Mahant immediately went to Delhi and met Rahul Gandhi, telling him that he should spend as much time as he can with the remaining 72 seats. Mahant also mentioned in to Rahul that while Raman Singh has giving Rs two crore to each of the party’s candidates, the Congress was giving merely Rs 25 lakh. Rahul told him that he will speak to Motilal Vohra and send more money there. But no money came in and only five days before the elections, an upset Mahant called up Rahul. His PSO answered the phone and told him, “Baba is in the gym. I’ll have him speak to you.” Mahant and Rahul spoke at night and the next day, he sent merely Rs four crore for 72 seats. Who could’ve gained from this? No seat, no money!


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