Writing prohibited!

September 14 2016

Mining Secretary Balvinder Kumar has penned a thought-provoking book, Awakening a Thinking Mind. He invited his department minister Piyush Goyal to release the book. When Goyal got up to speak, he got carried away and just won’t stop. According to him, ever since Modi government has come to power at the Centre, bureaucrats have stopped looking after their own interests, and have started working in the earnest. According to Goyal ji, what is being reported in newspapers and the talk in government offices is true – secretaries of ministries have stopped playing golf. It is said the minister also managed to ask his secretary how he found the time to write the book despite a hectic day schedule. It is said Mr Minister also advised Balvinder Kumar that it was all right if he has written one book. But if he keeps repeating this, it might look like he doesn’t work and only keeps writing. Balvinder Kumar is surely ruing the moment when he asked Piyush Goyal to come and inaugurate the book.

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