Work for money

September 22 2013

Attempts are being made to narrow the gap between the workers and the party workers. On the instructions of the Sangh, Modi has come up with a new plan to organise the workers better and to increase their level of commitment. Now the search is on to look for such party workers at the block level who are experienced, committed and encouraging. Such workers will then be associated with the party on a permanent basis. Such workers will get a monthly stipend of Rs 20,000-25,000 per month after the Lok Sabha elections are over. These workers will have to form small teams under their personal leadership so that they go from house to house to improve awareness about the BJP and Modi and start a party membership movement. They will also have to ensure that each voter who leans towards the BJP should have his or her name in the voter’s list. This is no new experiment in vote politics. The Congress has done similar experiments in the past and has got desired results, too.

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