With whom will Shiv Sena go?

February 14 2023

There is a lot of pressure in the Shiv Sena to choose its new alliance partner. In fact, when Sanjay Raut came out of jail, the same evening, one of the biggest industrialists associated with BJP reached Matoshree. It is said that the industrialist had come to Uddhav with a clear message from the BJP that ‘Shiv Sena should break its alliance with the Congress, as it is not a natural alliance. Word is that it is after this meet that Uddhav has fastened his ties with Prakash Ambedkar’s ‘Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi’. At the same time, coordination between NCP and Congress has also been confirmed. Shiv Sena has made it clear in front of the Congress that in the 2024 general elections, even if the alliance of Mahaghadi Vikas remains intact, then Shiv Sena will field its candidates on maximum 26 seats and it will leave 16 seats for NCP. The Congress will have to be satisfied with these seats.” The BJP is confident that Uddhav will contest the 2024 elections in coalition with the saffron party. Regarding Eknath Shinde, BJP believes that even though he has brought away MLAs and MPs from Uddhav’s Shiv Sena, but the workers have remained in Uddhav’s Shiv Sena, perhaps that is why BJP desperately needs Uddhav.

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