Winds of Change

December 26 2016

After all the question is why Rahul Gandhi is in a huff for the coalition with SP? In the Assembly election of 2012, 27 legislators of Congress were elected. Nine among them left the party. According to sources among the remaining 18 legislators, 9 legislators were allured by BJP and they were quite close to few leaders of BJP. The grand plan of BJP was to include those nine legislators of Congress in BJP that too in the presence of Modi in Lucknow. The idea was to deepen the saffron roots and topple down the courage of Congress. Anyhow the Congress leader got a clue of this plan. He immediately informed Priyanka Gandhi in Delhi about it. She further apprised Rahul over the phone without any delay. According to sources after Priyanka’s phone call Rahul immediately talked to Akhilesh and said that he agrees with what Akhilesh said in HT summit in Delhi and want it to happen as early as possible. It is said that Akhilesh also agreed to him and began working on distribution of seats.

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