Will reins be taken from Pradhan?

January 19 2016

In the next Cabinet reshuffle at the Centre, Central Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan may end up with disappointment. Sources say he may have to pay the price for upsetting a top industrial house of the country, and he may once again be put into serving the party rather than be in the government. Reliable sources say when representatives of this top industrialist went to meet Pradhan in his office, the latter allegedly asked them to help the party in Assam. To this the representatives said that whatever help is given to the party fund, is done directly through party president Amit Shah. Pradhan was a tad upset with this reasoning, and so when the next time the group of representatives went to meet Pradhan, he made them wait for more than an hour. These three representatives left without meeting Pradhan and went directly to Shah and complained to him. Shah took the matter to Modi, who made a note of it and added it to the other many past complaints against Pradhan.

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