Will mutual head-to-head fighting in Congress stop?

April 07 2023

The Congress has to fight with its own people at home more than its rival BJP. Rahul Gandhi also came to know about this when after losing his membership of the Parliament, he invited some two dozen such Congress leaders to his house, who have the ability to mobilize crowds in Delhi NCR. Rahul told these leaders that ‘protests will start after two days, at least in Delhi,and a crowd of lakhs will have to gather.’ After giving this direction, Rahul left from the spot. After Rahul’s departure, these leaders started marching around KC Venugopal. A leader of Delhi shied away from mobilizing the crowd saying that it has been ten years since the Congress was out of power in Delhi, its vote share has also come down to just 2 per cent in Delhi, so where will the crowd come from? So it was agreed upon that western UP, Haryana and Rajasthan should be turned to for the crowd. So, the next day when Congress’ ‘Save Democracy Torch Peace March’ passed from Red Fort to Town Hall of Chandni Chowk, the torches were dimmed, the faces of big leaders were also sad. When the next day Rahul held a meeting of his core group, he said while being a little annoyed, “The more energy you give me, the stronger I will be able to stand.”

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