Will Mumbai be different from Maharashtra?

February 26 2021

Has Mumbai, the industrial capital of India, has been entangled in the new political strings? Now a demand has started rising that Mumbai should be separated from Maharashtra and given the status of UT. The entire ruckus started with the statement of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray wherein, he said that until a decision of the Supreme Court on Belagavi (Belgaum) comes, it should be declared as UT i.e. Union Territory, so that it will neither be in Karnataka nor Maharashtra can claim it. After Thackeray’s statement, Karnataka came to a boil and its Deputy Chief Minister, Laxman Sawadi first raised the demand to declare Mumbai a part of Karnataka, as two other ministers of Karnataka’s Yeddiyurappa government- Ramesh Jerky Holi and Sasikala Jole – also gave statements on the lines of the Deputy Chief Minister. It is worth mentioning that Marathi is spoken more than Kannada in many parts of the Belagavi region of Karnataka, such as Niyani. Uddhav played his emotional card on this aspect however, it fell back on him. Years ago, Bombay, now Mumbai, was the part of the Bombay Presidency Estate out of which, states like Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra were carved out. It is worth mentioning that after the Maharashtra agitation in 1960, Bombay was declared the capital of the newly created state of Maharashtra. Although the BJP is currently in power in Karnataka, but the party has kept quiet on the issue, as it knows that by bringing in this Mumbai issue to the fore, there can be a ruckus in Maharashtra, where the BJP currently has 105 MLAs.

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