Will Modi stop eating Sugar candy?

February 15 2015

After Delhi’s humiliating defeat, a strong message has reached Mumbai club. This was a big jolt for those industrialists, who had assumed that Modi will remain unbeaten. They were well reassured that no one can dare stop Modi’s ‘Ashwamedha ‘Horse. Very often qualms are answered in politics and no sooner the fog of misgivings too retracts. Now people feel that Modi has remained more of a foreign minister than the Prime Minister. And that’s how he has to suffer these jolts at home front. Otherwise, Modi who was trying to project himself better than Nehru in foreign policy matters has forgotten that when P.V. Narsimha Rao too went to address House of Representatives tackled the issue of American-Pakistan rhetoric on Kashmir sternly and reminded them on Mexico. Rao had then narrated a story about Gandhi, when a woman had brought her young son to Gandhi and said that her son was addicted to sugar and help him get rid of this addiction. Gandhi asked the woman to return and come back after 15 days, when she returned after 15 days, her son stopped eating sugar after Gandhi told him to do so. Woman asked Gandhi that he could have said the same thing 15 days back. Gandhi replied that he too was eating sugar then. Will Modi stop eating sugar ever?

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