Will Kharge give up the throne for Rahul?

May 06 2023

Congress’s morale is high in the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka. Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge is also devoting maximum time to campaigning in his home state. If the claims of Congress related sources are to be believed, then these days Kharge’s mind is not happy in Delhi. He rarely goes to his party office in Delhi, and mostly he meets people at his Delhi residence only. All the work of coordination between the All India Congress Committee and Kharge is done by his coordinator Gurdeep Sappal. Another complaint of Kharge is that the party’s national treasurer Pawan Bansal did not give him the account of the money despite his calling. Pawan Bansal is believed to report directly to Rahul Gandhi and distribute funds as per Rahul’s guidelines. Sources associated with the Congress claim that ‘if the Congress government is formed in Karnataka this time, Kharge can be sent there as the Chief Minister.’ DK Shivakumar has already demanded this, sooner or later Siddaramaiah also said this. And once Kharge makes his way to Bengaluru, the demand for Rahul Gandhi to be installed in the presidential chair vacated by him will gain momentum. Congressmen will take to the streets for it, there will be sit-ins and demonstrations, and Rahul will be ready to become the working president. Later he will also be elected full-time president.

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