Why is the Munde family angry?

June 19 2023

Gopinath Munde has played an important role in bringing the BJP closer to the OBC castes in Maharashtra. But in his absence, the distance between his daughters and his family from the BJP has started increasing. A glimpse of this was seen recently in a program organized on the birth anniversary of Ahilya Holkar in Maharashtra. In this program, former Maharashtra minister and BJP leader Pankaja Munde said, ‘I am not afraid of anything, fear is not in our blood, if I don’t get anything, I will go to the field to cut sugarcane.’ Going a step further, Pankaja also said, ‘BJP can be mine, but I am not of BJP.’ It is said that Pankaja has been angry with her party ever since she lost the 2019 assembly elections. She feels that some leaders of her own party conspired and defeated her in the elections. When she was a minister, she was accused of ‘chikki scam’. Just this April, a GST raid on a sugar mill owned by her family took place, due to which Pankaja’s relationship with her party has soured these days.

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