Why is Rahul’s coronation delayed?

February 07 2021

If sources are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi is very upset about the fact that senior leaders of the party are still not taking him seriously, this is what is troubling Rahul. As long as Ahmed Patel was alive, he would work as a dialogue bridge between Rahul and senior leaders, because the senior leaders have a common complaint to Rahul that he does not give them an appointment and they have to appease Alankar Sawai and Kaushal Vidyarthi to meet Rahul. Till the time Ahmed Patel was alive, he would have listened to their views and conveyed its essence to Rahul. Patel’s absence is now troubling senior leaders. It is said that when Sonia tried to convince Rahul about this in the recent past, a miffed Rahul suddenly left for Italy. Senior leaders also complain that they are not included in the policy decisions of the party, even during the Kisan agitation, only Rahul and Priyanka discussed among themselves and it was decided that Rahul would go to the President to submit a memorandum and Priyanka would give her arrest. Many senior leaders complain that Rahul talks to the senior leaders of the party in an abusive tone in a full meeting. Rahul is also deeply hurt by the behavior of senior leaders, he feels that seniors consider themselves as ‘Turram Khan’. Rahul is doubtful that young party leaders like Sachin, Jitin, Milind, etc. are in touch with BJP. So, Rahul’s loneliness troubles him somewhere, and hence his statement that ‘Even if I am left alone, I will tell the truth, I do not care, I have nothing to hide,’ gives voice to his pain.

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