Why is ‘Maharaj’ so annoyed?

June 20 2020

The long-awaited extension of the union cabinet has been put on the back burner under the garb of Corona and this is the issue that has annoyed Jyotiraditya Scindia who has recently joined the BJP from Congress party. Such is his ‘heartburn’ that he has not given BJP’s profile a place on his twitter profile. This raises a question: Is he again on his rebellious mode? Sources reveal that for the past few days, Scindia has been looking to speak with the Prime Minister, and so he has called up the PMO thrice informing that he wants to speak with the PM but due to his busy schedule PM did not come online. However, word is that PMO has sent a message to Scindia to speak with Amit Shah on this issue. It is said that when Scindia called up Shah, he was asked to speak with BJP President JP Nadda. So when Scindia spoke with Nadda, a simplistic Nadda heard his entire issue and tried to pacify him as well but it is said that Scindia apparently got stuck on the point as to when will he be appointed minister in the central cabinet. The erstwhile royal was then informed that since the work for BJP organizational rejigs is ongoing, and since the Prime Minister himself is involved day and night in the fight against Corona, how then can the cabinet expansion be thought of? It is not known what Scindia is thinking of now.

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