Why did Sonia not meet and greet for Diwali?

November 20 2012

On the day of Diwali, when people celebrate the victory of light over darkness, India’s most powerful woman Sonia Gandhi cancelled all her previous appointments. There was a long list of people who wanted to meet, greet and wish Sonia a happy Diwali. Of these, a few chosen ones had got the time of meeting her at 9 am on the day of Diwali but a notice was sent to these people that madam will not meet anyone. Sources reveal that it was probably because Sonia had suddenly become unwell, because of which her appointments were cancelled. Only Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit was the exception as she was able to meet Sonia Gandhi. Of the frontline leaders of the Congress members, maximum are those who are in opposition of Dixit. So whenever Sheila wants time to talk to Sonia about something, she somehow has to find time to talk to her and that she does.

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