Why did farmers return?

February 07 2021

On January 26, as soon as the agitation of the farmers turned violent or was made violent, the Yogi government asked the administration to vacate the Ghazipur border in a hurry. Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait was requesting the administration with folded hands that they should be given a day or two to clear the border. But meanwhile, the strategists of the central government connected their wires with Naresh Tikait, the elder brother of Rakesh Tikait. Naresh Tikait is the head of the Balian Khap Panchayat as well as the current National President of the Indian Farmers Union, so Naresh Tikait issued a decree in front of the agitating farmers on the 27th asking the farmers to return to their homes because Bhanu Pratap Singh faction had also given the same call to the farmers, thus on the call of their leaders, the farmers started returning to their homes. At the same time, the eyes of the farmers on the Singhu and Tikri border were set on the Tikait brothers, and in the meantime, a video of Rakesh Tikait went viral where he was seen crying. Seeing this video, farmers of Western UP started returning back to the dharna site. Seeing that an exact opposite of what he had directed was happening, Naresh Tikait, had to announce that ‘my brother’s tears would not go in vain.’ After that, thousands of farmers started marching back to Delhi. This was a historic gathering and the unity of farmers’ was being viewed in political parlance. Seeing the huge enthusiasm of the Jat farmers of western UP, the social media started claiming that the farmer politics of VM Singh and Bhanu Pratap has come under threat, but Naresh Tikait’s last-minute tactics came in as their savior.

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