Who’s the next parliamentary affairs minister?

May 04 2016

Several Parliamentarians from different parties, including Supriya Sule, Jay Panda, and Poonam Mahajan, were mingling amongst each other in the Central Hall. The discussion was why was Venkaiah Naidu’s floor management a flop show. Jay Panda was of the opinion that the prime minister should change his parliamentary affairs minister. At this, a Parliamentarian asked Supriya Sule who, in her opinion, could prove to be an efficient parliamentary affairs minister? Without giving it a second thought, Sule named Nishikant Dubey for the post, the BJP Parliamentarian from Godda, Jharkhand. Jay Panda sharply retorted at this, “Don’t you have any other name?” Supriya’s innocent reply was, “Why, what’s wrong with Nishikant’s name?”

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