Who’s the boss? Minister or secretary?

July 05 2014

Ever since Central ministers are having to take permissions from the PMO to appoint their personal secretaries, the entire political perspective seems to have changed. Several ministers have even been offered the names of their secretaries by the PMO itself. At such a time, the Central ministers are worried that their department secretaries, that is the IAS officers, are singing their own tunes. That is because Modi has allegedly told all department secretaries that they can contact the prime minister and the PMO directly and can complain to the PMO if they are dissatisfied with the way the minister is carrying out his duties. Due to this, several ministers feel that secretary is keeping a keen eye out for them. A veteran Cabinet minister was called by the PMO to make his department presentation and because the minister’s PS was a new one and didn’t have any prior experience of working with any minister, the minister tried to tap into what makes Modi click and burnt the midnight oil to prepare the presentation on his own. When the presentation reached his secretary, he trashed it completely and sent him a note, “I am not happy with the presentation. Please make it again.” The minister is shocked and wondering who is the boss in Modi-Raj – the minister or the secretary?

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