Who will be the new Ghazi of Ghazipur?

June 19 2023

Afzal Ansari, who was a Member of Parliament from Ghazipur Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh, lost his membership of the Lok Sabha when he was sentenced to 4 years by the court in a case. Now gearing up for Ghazipur by-election, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Manoj Sinha, who won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Ghazipur Lok Sabha seat and lost the 2019 elections from here, wants to get his daughter-in-law Deepali or son Anubhav Sinha a BJP ticket to retain his hold on this seat. On the other hand, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath wants to field Radhemohan Singh, his cousin and prominent leader of SP, from here. Ghazipur used to be a Bhumihar majority seat, but in the delimitation, two major Bhumihar seats here were included in Mohammadabad and Jahurabad Ballia and now Rajput and Yadav votes have become decisive in Ghazipur. Anyway, Yogi argues that Rajputs alone have a cut of 19 percent Yadav votes and 10 percent Muslim votes in Ghazipur. Chandrashekhar’s son and Rajya Sabha MP Neeraj Shekhar is also eyeing this seat. The claim to this seat is also of Virendra Singh Mast.

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