Who wants a savior like Smriti Irani?

December 27 2015

The day AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal and his team cast aspersions at the almighty Arun Jaitley of the BJP regarding the DDCA case, a meeting of party politicians, which was presided over by Party President Amit Shah, decided the party’s spokesperson Sambit Patra will make Arun Jaitley’s view public, and will give relevant answers to the public. When Jaitley came to know about this, he was mighty upset about it. Sources say that without mincing his words, he told Amit Shah that he himself holds fort for any prominent BJP leader – irrelevant of whether he or she is a Cabinet minister — is in trouble, or has some serious charges against him. It is he who fields all the tough questions then. And now when he himself is facing charges, what can a mere party spokesperson manage to do? He then said that a Central minister should come forward to defend him, but the minister should be such that he or she does not have an image of being Jaitley’s prodigy. Thus, people such as Piyush Goyal, Nirmala Seetharaman and Dharmendra Pradhan must be kept off-stage. Jaitley then suggested Smriti Irani’s name. Irani did emerge in front of the media, but her aggression reflected not in what she said, but how she said it. Thus, Jaitley made a loss in the deal.

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