When will Priyanka come?

March 08 2015

A huge section of congressmen are still relying their hopes on Priyanka Gandhi, while Priyanka Gandhi is still awaiting a nod from her mother, however mother is unable to give up love for her son. Sources from 10 Janpath reveal that Rahul is keen that his sister Priyanka should remain in background and help him in running the party. On the other hand Sonia has changed her opinion on Priyanka now. She wants Priyanka to take up some secretarial (general secretary) post in the party organization and help her brother in running the party affairs, but it is said that Rahul is not ready for this. While majority in congress are of the opinion that as long as political battle will continue between Modi Vs Rahul, Modi will remain triumphant but the game will become interesting when the battle will turn Modi vs Priyanka.

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