Who is the Vibhishan here?

January 13 2016

Against the backdrop of the Pathankot terrorist attack, the hunt is on to find the Vibhishan amidst us. The NIA is looking at Punjab Police from various angles in the same connection. Sources close to investigative agencies say that the more SP Salvinder Singh is being interrogated, the more new angles to the story are being discovered. Considering the gravity of the matter, the NIA is bringing Salvinder Singh to Delhi on Monday. The investigative agencies are trying to find out if it was a mere coincidence that when Salvinder Singh was the city SP in Gurdaspur, Dinanagar sees a terrorist attack; moreover, the central investigative agencies were not given enough opportunity to get to the heart of the matter, and Punjab Police went on an overdrive trying to brush the issue away. That is because the entire episode has a political angle to it – one that connects to the Akalis. The investigative agencies are also trying to investigate why the entry strategy for Dinanagar and Pathankot attacks was similar. And now it is not a secret that drug peddlers played a big role in helping the terrorists step on Indian soil. Neither is it a secret that these drug dealers and their bosses have political protection, and the name of a person from the ruling party is being named again and again in relation to the matter. It seems the NIA has some solid proof, based on which it is taking Salvinder Singh for further interrogation to Delhi. There is a possibility this might also bring to light the ugliness of Punjab Police’s face.

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