Who is Priti Mahapatra?

June 05 2016

Is Kapil Sibal paying for his big mouth, when he shot from it against Narendra Modi when he was in power? The BJP has put him in a tight spot in this Rajya Sabha election. The latest is that Priti Mahapatra met with the PM in Delhi last week, and Modi assured her of all possible help. Priti’s husband Harihar Mahaparta is from Odisha and a big builder in Mumbai. On the other hand, Priti is from Gujarat, and is the founder and managing trustee of a charitable organization called Krishna Leela Foundation. Apart from that she is also the national president of a non-government organization “Narendra Modi Vichar Manch”. At a time, Harihar Mahapatra’s father was Rajiv Gandhi’s OCD, and so his political clout if not newly-acquired. Priti’s staying at Lucknow’s Taj Hotel at the moment. The BJP alone has 17 extra seats, and sources say out of the 28 people from the Congress, nine have broken away. Priti, too, is constantly in the game, and she has her cards on the table. Sibal doesn’t have a problem with that; he is a strong player, but the entire BJP has come together to defeat him.

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