Who is more farmer friendly?

February 07 2021

Amid the noise of the farmers’ movement in the country, this question is constantly raising the head as to what is the attitude of the governments in the rest of the world to the farmers, how much they care about farming, and how much money is spent from the state treasury on the farmers of these countries. According to a report by the Center for WTO Studies, Norway topped the list of farmer-friendly countries, where a government spends $ 22,509 per year on a farmer. Looking at some of the other major countries in this list reveals that Switzerland spends $ 9,716 per farmer, Canada $ 7,414, America $ 7,253, European Union $ 1,068, Russia $ 855, Brazil $ 134, China $ 109 and finally India, where an Indian farmer receives merely 49 dollars or around three and a half thousand rupees from the government as subsidy.

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