Behind the suicides in Bansal family?

October 03 2016

The matter of suicide of former director of corporate affair ministry, V K Bansal, his son, wife and daughter is only becoming murkier. The matter is connected to a bribe of just Rs 9 lakh, but CBI’s attitude about the entire thing is suspicious. The country is reeling from the news of suicides of all family members. Sources close to the Bansal family say the CBI had committed atrocities on V K Bansal’s wife and daughter. The social media is rife with news that an officer of DIG rank, who was investigating the matter, is said to be a sacred cow and that no one can harm him because he has the protection of Amit Shah. It is said that before killing himself, Bansal knew well that the police and CBI might tamper with his suicide note. So he had already gone to the post office and posted his suicide notes to many newspapers beforehand.

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