Who is Ashok Srivastava?

May 04 2014

The BJP is raising hell against the deletion of a 19-minute part of Narendra Modi’s interview that was broadcast on Doordarshan. The party has also made public the deleted part, where Modi had made some sharp comments against Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Ahmad Patel, Miyan Musharraf and about  a meat exporter. Swords are drawn between Manish Tiwari and Prasar Bharti’s CEO Jawahar Sarkar about the editing and censorship of the interview. Ashok Srivastava, who conducted the interview is also in the news about his has links with the Sangh and the BJP. It is worth mentioning here that Ashok Srivastava’s father Vijay Dutt Srivastava has officially been Advani’s additional personal secretary in the past and has had close relations with the Sangh leaders. Sources reveal that during the NDA rule when Sushma Swaraj was the information and broadcasting minister, Sushma got Ashok into Doordarshan at Advani’s request. When Ashok Srivastava got married, Advani played a big role in organising the event. The most interesting part is that Ashok’s wife is still working as Tarun Vijay’s assistant in Sangh’s mouthpiece Panchjanya.

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