Who is Arun Kumar, who has replaced Krishna Gopal?

July 28 2021

Who knew that this Mechanical Engineer with an out of the box thinking’ thinking, who climbed the stairs of the Sangh, from a gleaming Colony of Delhi, would one day take over such important responsibilities of the Sangh. When the 57-year-old Sangh’s Joint General Secretary, Arun Kumar was made the coordinator of UP, which entered the election year, replacing a stalwart like Krishna Gopal, the writing on the political wall could be read with a little clarity that there are lines of concern on the forehead of both the Sangh and the BJP regarding UP. You can consider Arun Kumar as a flag bearer of the Dattatreya School, who seems more progressive both in his thinking and approach. Away from the accepted traditions of the Sangh, Arun Kumar still prefers to be online on his tablet, read the literature of his choice on the tab itself, watch the news of work and also scan the data related to social thought from time to time. He is considered an expert in Jammu and Kashmir affairs. He came into the limelight in 2008 when the then Congress Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Ghulam Nabi Azad dissolved the ‘Amarnath Shrine Board’, it was Arun Kumar, who turned the protest into a movement. As a reward, the Sangh made him its All India Campaign Chief in 2016, replacing Suresh Soni as the Joint General Secretary, demonstrating his importance in the organization. And the work of coordination between the BJP and the Sangh, which Krishna Gopal has been looking after since 2015, has been handed over to him. The real challenge before Arun Kumar, who joined the Sangh as a child volunteer, will be to reconcile Yogi Adityanath and the BJP High Command and he will have to memorize this task.

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