Who gave BJP the X Ray eyes?

May 26 2020

Who gave this wisdom to the UP BJP leaders that there could be any discrepancy in the list of buses submitted by Congress for helping the migrants? When Congress gave this list to the UP BJP govt they had no inkling regarding any probable discrepancy in the bus list. Sources say that this happened due to the inside information given by a senior Congress leader ditching his own party. This senior Congress leader has said to have conveyed the UP BJP govt that since required number of buses could not be arranged so there has to be something wrong to it. If sources are to be believed then there was a communication gap between Rajasthan CM Gehlot, Deputy CM Sachin Pilot and Priyanka Gandhi’s secretary Sandeep Singh. Or was it a deliberate plan to sabotage the plan? Priyanka Gandhi should get it enquired as it was her name which took a beating in the whole episode.  

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