White Collar officials doing Dusting

June 20 2020

Coronavirus has changed the style of functioning of senior officers. The big bosses drive themselves and carry home packed food and water. The first thing they do upon reaching office is to dust the office, sanitize the doorknobs, tables, chairs, computer etc. Everyone resists calling the peon inside the chamber and even if they need tea, they prefer to self pour from the thermos/flask brought from home. But there are still some officers whose bossism didn’t take lessons from the might of coronavirus and they didn’t stop peeping into the junior section to check who all had reported on time. One such is a Joint Secretary in the Labour Ministry. Later this JS along with 26 other colleagues of the ministry was found to be corona positive. With the tide of time changed now the focus of the investigation is on who all came in contact with this JS? Who came to deliver him files? Where did JS venture out?

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