White, black and shades of grey

January 25 2014

Good press and bad press played out against each other perfectly in Amethi a few days ago. When Rahul and Priyanka started for their two-day tour to Amethi, the Congress vice-president had to deal with black flags welcoming him. Some women wearing black saris chanted “Rahul, go back” as well. Nearly all news channels in the country covered this event. A surprised and shocked Congress tried to dig deeper into the matter with the suspicion that the black flags may lead it to either a BJP conspiracy or that of the AAP. But when the matter came to light, the Congress’ heartbeat increased because they saw a hand of the ruling SP government behind this. The SP is pretty upset with Rahul for the way it has cried foul over the state government’s treatment of the riot victims of Muzaffarnagar and thus wanted to retaliate. That it would come in this form was what the Congress had no idea about.

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