Where is Brajesh Pathak?

June 06 2021

Where is UP’s high-profile minister Brajesh Pathak these days? Ever since Pathak has written a letter to CM Yogi about the uncontrolled situation in the state of Corona and the letter has gone viral on social media, the whereabouts of Pathak is not known. Otherwise, till now, this minister used to hold Janta Darbar for two to three hours daily at his residence in Lucknow. This tradition was maintained till the corona in Lucknow had made a sharp knock. Sources tell that as soon as Pathak’s letter reached CM, Yogi summoned him and reprimanded him. “How dare you write me a letter? You could have spoken to me if you wished. And heard that you also hold Janata Darbars. With what capacity? Are you the CM of the state?” Yogi is said to have told Pathak.  Do not know about the letter but the scolding has affected and Brajesh Pathak is now not found by anyone.

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