Idea of surgical strike come from?

October 03 2016

The nation was hurt by the cowardly Pakistan- sponsored Uri attack. According to information by many investigative agencies, Indians were feeling angry, despondent and vengeful after this. India’s attempts to use diplomacy and show Pakistan’s real face on international platforms was on, but it wasn’t enough for the nation to put its faith in Modi government. India’s Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar was returning in a special IAF aircraft after surveying the Uri attack, when he asked the army chief sitting next to him, “What can we do? What can be done so that Pakistan is taught a lesson and India doesn’t have egg on its face in front of the international community?” Sources say Parrikar made it clear to the army chief that the very next morning, there was a Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) meeting, where he would have to present a solid strategy in front of the PM. It is said the army chief told the defense minister, “Sir, before tomorrow morning, you will get the entire plan.” And that is exactly what happened; according to sources, the plan had three different strategies, of which one was the surgical strike alternative. In his conversation with the army chief, Parrikar had understood that this was a time when the Indian Army’s confidence was at an all-time high. And despite the truth that it is facing a paucity of arms and ammunition, Modi’s leadership was giving it much more confidence than other state leaders in the past. It was then that a green signal was given to the surgical strike strategy at the CCS meeting. A strategy was also devised that media would get to know about it only after the entire operation would be complete, and that the information would come from the army chief. The entire plan went according to the devised strategy and it worked perfectly.

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