Where did Priyanka Gandhi go wrong?

May 26 2020

Senior Congress leaders believe that Priyanka Gandhi should have directly talked to UP CM Yogi Adityanath for the return of migrant workers rather than tweeting the offer. It was Priyanka Gandhi’s secretary Sandeep Singh who was communicating with the UP govt. Sandeep has JNU background where he did CPI politics. Sandeep was using his own letter heads to write to the UP govt so obviously the replies too came from SDM and RTO level officers. UP style of functioning can be very well understood from an old incident. It relates to the time when Mulayam Singh was UP CM with Congress supporting it. Then UP Congress president ND Tiwari habitually use to threaten Mulayam govt of taking back its support. When Mulayam was asked as to why didn’t he respond to Tiwari’s threats, Mulayam said since ND Tiwari was Congress state chief so he better be replied by the state chief of his party, Ramcharan Das, and not him. Was same UP tradition followed in case of Sandeep Singh too? Priyanka Gandhi better understand this.  

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