Who is Walter Vinci?

March 08 2015

It will be interesting to know who this Walter Vinci is after all. Walter Vinci is almost 20-25 years older than Rahul but his close friend. Even though Rahul’s aunt is formally divorced with Walter but that has not affected Rahul’s relationship with him at all. Walter is a test driver; a sort of automobile engineer in the Italy’s FIAT Co. Walter is extremely fond of gymming and physical fitness. He in fact has inspired Rahul’s craze for fitness. Rather, Sonia and Priyanka simply dislike Walter after his divorce with Sonia’s sister and his entry is banned in 10 Janpath. Nevertheless, Walter frequently travels to India and whenever he is in India, he stays at his home at Tuglaq lane. Similarly Rahul too makes regular trips to Europe to meet his uncle Walter. In fact during last elections Walter was seen following Rahul’s campaign like a shadow. Many Congressmen were rather amazed to see Walter following entire Rahul’s campaign in Indian attire, that too without informing Indian authorities, but could not speak anything in front of Rahul.

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