When Maya met Sonia

May 17 2016

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. In the recent survey held by “Parliamentarian” and “Punjab Kesari”, ever since Mayavati and BSP is being considered the single-most powerful party for the 2017 elections, the hand and the elephants equations have changed entirely. When the Congress was going through a tough political time in Uttarakhand, a decisive and important meeting between Sonia and Mayavati took place in Delhi. Right after the meeting, Mayavati sent her special aide Naseemuddin Siddiqui to Dehradoon, with a message. The BSP MLAs were given the message by him. Sources say this important meeting between Mayavati and Sonia has also led to an agreement between the two that a friendly fight between the Congress and the BSP might take place in the coming Assembly elections in UP and Uttarakhand. As least 28 seats in Uttarakhand might we witness to it.

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