What’s in the stars for Kamal

February 26 2018

63-year-old Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan has long wished to take the political plunge. On and off again he has publicly criticised the Modi government and its policies. On the 21st of this February, he finally launched his political party MNM (Makkal Needhi Maiam) in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, where he also unfurled the party’s official flag in red, white and black hues.
The flag depicts six hands holding onto one other. Three of the hands are in red and the other three in white. At the centre of the flag is a six-pointed star in black, forming a white core.
Regarding the design of the flag, a prominent astrologer Sanjay Chaudhary has made many interesting predictions. According to Astrologer Chaudhary, the sun sign of Kamal Haasan’s party is Aquarius and its master Saturn is currently placed at the 11th position – which, apparently, is an auspicious combination. Mercury is in the ascendant with the Sun and forming ‘Aditya Yog’ which predicts that the party will have a long-run. Jupiter is also a part of the ascendant whose seventh House is occupied by the Sun, whose ascendant is Cancer – which predicts that Kamal’s party may form an alliance with a national party, probably Congress, and this alliance will have a wide impact on the 2019 elections. The formation of ‘Gaja Kesri Yog’ in the chart is also a positive indication which depicts a healthy-run for the party in coming days. The positioning of Rahu in the sixth House is sure a matter of concern which predicts internal conspiracy, but Kamal and his party’s stars are so powerful that he’ll escape this attempt of defamation because Jupiter is firmly positioned in the ninth House of luck.

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