What’s cooking between Kumaraswamy and Ananth Kumar?

April 30 2018

Whether the lotus will bloom in Karnataka, there hangs a question mark upon it. On one hand, where Congress is putting up a good show, on the other, BJP is still low key. In view of the lag, a honcho saffron politician of South India, Ananth Kumar, has immediately come to play. Ananth and Co. are of the view that this time it may be a hung assembly in Karnataka and hence the saffron leader is head over heels to lure JD(S) leader Kumaraswamy.
Sources suggest that there have been rounds of discussions between the two leaders in this regard but they have met no conclusion yet because Kumaraswamy is confident that JD(S) will be the kingmaker this time in Karnataka, and would rather prefer being the king, instead of remaining the maker. In short, Kumaraswamy is all convinced to be the next CM of the state.
Anyhow, BJP has an edge over Congress in context of Kumaraswamy because his father Deve Gowda is anti Karnataka Congress’ CM Siddaramaiah. In fact, Deve Gowda has not shied away from expressing his pain in electoral meetings that Siddaramaiah is trying to tarnish his image. He reminded the people that he is the sole Prime Minister of India till date who emerged from the land of Karnataka and that is why every government office of the state carried his picture, up until Siddaramaiah became the CM and ordered their removal.

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