What will happen to Baba?

June 01 2014

The corridors of power are now raising questions whether Baba Ramdev will face the same fate as Praveen Togadia. It is worth remembering that prior to 2001, Praveen Togadia had a lot of clout in Gujarat and major decisions by the ruling state party, BJP, were influenced to some degree by Togadia. But as soon as Narendra Modi’s sun started to rise in political world after 2001, Togadia was gradually cut to size and started to resemble a bonsai. Sangh and several of its smaller branches faced the same fate in Gujarat. So when Ramdev started to put pressure on Modi during the election campaigning, Modi put up with it until the end of the elections. But after the BJP got majority and Ramdev sent Modi a list of his recommendations for ministerial berths, the latter took offence to it. So much friction was caused between Baba and NaMo that Baba didn’t even attend Modi’s swearing-in ceremony and sent Balakrishna and a few of his followers to Delhi. It was said about Baba that he was following a vow of silence. It will not come as a surprise if in the next few months, he too may have to give the details of his income. Modi has already made his stance clear on black money with the formation of a SIT. Now the challenge that faces Modi in the face is to prove: Na kahu se dosti, na kahu sey bair (Neither friends with anyone, nor foes).

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