What will happen to AAP?

May 18 2014

As soon as the results started being announced on Results Day, AAP workers started to wear a worried expression. The party’s top boss was hoping that they will get at least 16 seats and had the maximum hope from states such as Delhi, UP, Haryana and Maharashtra. But the seats actually came from Punjab, and some of them included those that were not even being considered for a win. AAP leaders who salivate at the sight of media were a bundle of embarrassment when neither Yogendra Yadav, Gopal Rai nor Prashant Bhushan were ready to address the media. Finally Manish Sisaudia had to come forward to and hold fort. Where Delhi is concerned, Kejriwal gave the responsibility to someone called Ashish Talwar. AAP workers had a common complaint that Talwar’s attitude to them was quite rude but Kejriwal did not pay attention to these complaints from his party workers. In any case, it is no longer easy for the regular party workers to access Kejriwal. Sources reveal that there is cash crunch in running the party operations. That is because most of the donations worth about Rs 50 crore that the party got during election time was spent in Kejriwal’s roadshow. Nearly 5,000 party workers came there to attend the event and the party had to bear their boarding and lodging costs.

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