What was it that Venugopal said?

April 02 2018

There is a curiosity over what was it that Congress’ K C Venugopal said to the AIADMK leaders which triggered a physical fight in the Lok Sabha on last Tuesday. So what happened was, when Speaker Sumitra Mahajan suspended the House on misconduct by AIADMK members, MPs started walking out one by one. At the same time, Venugopal, who was being seated behind Sonia Gandhi, allegedly told something to the AIADMK MPs in Tamil that they flared up and all hell broke loose. Thankfully, understanding the repercussions of this, Sonia stood up immediately and managed to stop the AIADMK MPs. As soon as the young Congress leaders saw the situation, they ran straight up to Venugopal and gathered around him. Since the House had already been adjourned by then, the press gallery was also empty. Incidentally, a North Indian journalist was present at the spot and witnessed the entire incident. He tried knowing from the Congress MPs that after all what was it exactly that Venugopal had said which lead to such rage? To this, the reply came – “When you cannot report it, what will you do by knowing that Tamil word?” And with this, the matter was buried into the ground.

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