What kind of a PR is this?

March 30 2014

India’s biggest corporate house Reliance has started a new kind of PR activity recently. Sources reveal that this new PR company was not there for Mukesh Ambani’s image-building exercise, but the attempt is on to take revenge from AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal. Known thinkers, politicians and journalists have been contacted through internet tools such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube, and their interactions with Reliance’s top executives are being facilitated. The media department’s job is to make viral jokes, satires and digs aimed at Arvind Kejriwal. For instance, a cartoon strip doing the rounds on the internet nowadays is the one where pictures of Laden, Sonia and Kejriwal are hung together on the wall, and the tagline under them is “Al-qaeda, Al-faayda, Al-waida”, respectively. 

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