What is the secret deal between KCR and BJP?

July 11 2023

Why has Chandrasekhar Rao, who once roamed across the country creating a hue and cry against the BJP, has taken such a big political ‘U-turn’? Why suddenly the swords of the investigating agencies on his daughter Kavita have become blunt in the liquor scam? Is KCR now ready to help BJP from inside? For example, when KCR reached the Vitthal Rukmini temple in Pandharpur, Maharashtra with his convoy of 600 vehicles to offer prayers, a new political equation was also seen taking shape there. After worshiping, KCR also demonstrated his power by holding a rally there. KCR is said to have entered into a secret pact with the BJP to challenge the Maha Aghadi alliance in Maharashtra under which he is fielding candidates all over Maharashtra, so as to make a dent in the Maha Aghadi’s vote bank, as there is a sizeable number of Telugu speaking people in Vidarbha, Maharashtra. In return, BJP will not cross KCR’s path in Telangana and if needed, his daughter Kavita can also get ‘shelter’.

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