What happend at Advani’s residence

February 01 2014

At a time when one of the biggest contenders to the seat at the Centre is shaping up its final strategy for the election Mahabharata, a face-off is on at veteran leader Advani’s home between the son and father. Sources reveal that the discussions got so heated up between father Advani and son Jayant that the son has left his father’s house and moved to a flat at the Commonwealth Games Village. A source that knows the Advani family closely claims that the bone of contention in the entire drama is Advani’s political inheritance. Advani’s daughter Pratibha and son Jayant both are keen on take up active politics. Jayant is so eager that he went to Gandhinagar and met Modi. It is believed that during the meeting, he even asked Modi for Advani’s Parliament seat of Gandhinagar, saying, “My father is past his prime now and is not keen on contesting elections.” Modi called up Advani and asked him, “Will you contest or shall I gave the ticket to your son?” Needless to say, there was a lot of friction between the father and son after that.

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