What did Sonia say to Natwar?

August 10 2014

Natwar Singh’s autobiography “One life is not enough” is creating waves in the political circle. The book is being talked about for primarily two reasons – firstly, Natwar’s writing is full of alliteration and secondly, his unique style of story-telling . A source close to Natwar says that when Priyanka and Sonia went to meet this old associate of theirs before the book was printed, Sonia asked him not to mention three incidents. One, when Rahul was held in a US airport with a big amount of currency (dollars) when NDA was in power and Natwar took care of the matter by talking to his friend Brijesh Mishra, who was then the National Security Advisor. Two, when an ambassador and his wife from a Western country had gone for an official meet with Sonia at 10, Janpath, and the ambassador’s wife had made an unkind remark about Sonia’s English. The third incident is when Priyanka and Robert’s married life was on the rocks. Needless to say, Natwar respected all of Sonia’s wishes in the book.

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